Wire and metal Tree sculpture, Spirit of Perseverance, Blue Kyanite and other semi-precious gemstones

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Spirit of Perseverance, the bright shinning light in the forest standing gallantly with her toes wrapped around and in a glorious denim blue and dark blue Brazil Blue Kyanite cluster with quartz, biotite, and maybe even a little feldspar within the matrix. In additional to the Kyanite cluster one will find semi-precious gemstones: joyous yellow Citrine, energetic reddish-orange Carnelian, serene purple Amethyst, warm gemmy green Peridot, and (on the other side) transforming green Malachite stones added. An oval milk chocolate brown wood base, 8" x 5" x 1.5".

Perseverance, an ancient soul and standing strong in a calm fashion, dressed in silver with white and blue highlights. It is about alignment, balance, growth and an expression of joyous peace and serenity.

Overall size: 11" height x 11" width x 6" in depth. Shipping included in price via USPS for the lower 48 States, Alaska, and Hawaii in the USA with insurance and tracking number.

The essence of Nature and Legends with carefully selected minerals, individually hand-crafted, unique, and skillfully created 3D Tree sculptures are joined to create mesmerizing and powerful one of a kind art pieces.  All sculptured Trees are made of soldered copper wire and are coated to preserve them.