Wire and metal Tree sculpture, Spirit of Compassion, Chrysocolla sphere, Malachite, Azurite, Aspen Wood base, original art

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Wire Tree Of Life metal sculpture, The Spirit of Compassion, dressed in various shades of copper mounted on a 64 mm (approx. 2.5") Peru Chrysocolla Sphere with Cuprite and Malachite, Azurite, Copper, Quartz Crystals added within the roots. Sculptured hearts are found within the small Trees and around various locations on the sphere.  All blended together and mounted on Aspen wood, the Aspen is lightly sanded with some bark remaining and sealed with clear latex paint.  Overall size: 17" h x 8" w x 5" d , tree sculpture size: 10" h x 8"w x 5"d.  Item created in 2017.

The sphere shape, circle configuration, symbolizes energy flow, energy of the mineral being sent out in all directions. The combination of Chrysocolla with Cuprite, Malachite, and Azurite represents goodwill, a feeling of fellowship for/with other people (community, society, or even in business). Cuprite (within the Chrysocolla) mostly to represent grounding.  Copper symbolizes balance, love and feminine beauty as copper represents the planet symbol of Venus. Quartz, historically, simply represents peace and harmony for all.  

This is a complex piece in creating and certainly complex in understanding (for me as the artist to relay to others). Ultimately and sincerely from the heart, one always hopes that all of the people around the world are treated as equals in peace and goodwill. Just remember true kindness and compassion starts from the heart with each of us. As a friend said to me long ago, the journey between the Heart and the Mind is the most difficult journey of them all.

The essence of Nature and Legends with carefully selected minerals, individually hand-crafted, unique, and skillfully created 3D Tree sculptures are joined to create mesmerizing and powerful one of a kind art pieces.  All sculptured Trees are made of hand twisted copper wire then sculptured with other metals and coated to preserve them.

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