Wire and metal Tree sculpture, Ancient Tree and the Tree Spirit, Rainbow Quartz Sphere, accent LED table lamp

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Wire and metal Tree sculpture, The Winds of Two, Ancient Tree with the Tree Spirit accent LED table lamp.

Overall size: 16" height x 9" width x 6" depth with 4"x4"x2" white LED natural wood light base with generous 6 foot cord with on/off in line switch, 110v, white C7 LED bulb included (easily replaceable!). The sculpture is not attached to the light base to give the individual the option to view the wind sculpture in either direction.

The core of sculpture structure begins with 1000+ twisted copper wires, then other metals sculptured around it. Ancient Tree dressed in stunning bright and cheerful blend of copper and silver with Tree Spirit dressed in white, copper with just a touch of light blue in the branches. High quality 78mm Brazil Rainbow Quartz sphere (3"+ in diameter), clear with some cloudiness has wonderful veils and rainbows in various light, retail value of this sphere is $150 to $200, possibly more depending where you purchase the item.  Multiple stones of reddish-orange Carnelian, violet purple Amethyst, and yellow Citrine stones added to the base.  The combination is simply about the vibrant positive energies of joyous peace and serenity.

The spirit of Wind, a powerful elemental force and can be interrupted in various ways depending on various belief systems. The wind can be calming, soothing, and protective. Spiritual interruptions may include; associated with human spirit/soul, the breath of life, as the spirit of god, communication, creating balance and unity, and the movement of life in general.

Shipping cost included via USPS in the lower 48 States, Alaska, and Hawaii in the USA with insurance and tracking number.

The essence of Nature and Legends with carefully selected minerals, hand-crafted, unique, and and skillfully created 3D Tree sculptures are joined to create meaningful art pieces. It is most certainly created to bring some joy and comfort into life’s journey, whether it is for yourself or a gift to those special people in your life. A gift that can be enjoyed at home or at the office.

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