Metal Tree of Life sculpture accent table Lamp

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Wire and metal Tree Of Life sculpture with a Crow in flight accent table lamp with orange/yellow Calcite, blue Tiger Eye, golden Tiger Eye, red Tiger Eye and Quartz Crystal cluster added. All combined together and mounted on the warmth of black finished wood LED light base, illuminating the the stones and the sculpture.

Overall size: 11" height x 8" width x 4" depth with attached wood base (4"x 4"x 2") with generous 6 foot cord with on/off in line switch, 110v, white C7 LED bulb included (easily replaceable!).  The core of sculpture structure begins twisted copper wires, then other metals sculptured around it.  Tree sculpture is dressed in copper, silver, silver grey and with hints of white.

Shipping cost included via USPS in the lower 48 States, Alaska, and Hawaii in the USA with insurance and tracking number.

The essence of Nature and Legends with carefully selected minerals, hand-crafted, unique, and and skillfully created 3D Tree sculptures are joined to create meaningful art pieces. It is most certainly created to bring some joy and comfort into life’s journey, whether it is for yourself or a gift to those special people in your life. A gift that can be enjoyed at home or at the office.

Trees exist as symbols in many cultures/religions and often represented as mediators between the natural and spiritual worlds. Native people refer to Trees as Standing People/Standing One, and the Stones referred to as the Ancient Ones, both being in unity for thousands of years communicating and connecting with each other and with humans, providing protection, strength, peace, harmony and spiritual contentment. Tree Of Life is a symbol about wisdom, unity, communication, connection, and a message to us that we are not alone. They have been said to be Earth's efforts to speak to the Heavens and the Forest/Groves were "God's first temples". Celts used groves as a place to worship, and in other other belief systems, churches or chapels were often set within groves of Trees, because the natural setting was found to be powerfully peaceful and spiritual. The Essence of Legends and Nature, however symbolic the artwork is for you, it is up to "the eye of the beholder" how the artwork fits into your life.

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