Circle Of Life 12", Ancient Wind Tree Spirit Sculpture, wall decor original art

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Circle Of Life, 12" round, Ancient Wind Spirit Tree sculpture, unique metal wall decor, a special gift one of a kind art. As the Ancient Wind Spirit encompasses the essence of the circle, it begins with the roots wrapped around the circle, the minerals, and then out through the branches. It is simply about representing communication and connection in all directions, as the spherical shape of the circle and the "v" shaped branches is about emanating the wisdom of the minerals.

Iron Pyrite Cube Crystal, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Jasper, Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, Peridot, Agate slice, Blue Kyanite, and Quartz Crystal cluster, a colorful display of Nature's comfort stones. A joyous calming combination with the spirit of Wind, a powerful elemental force and represents spiritual interruptions which may include; associated with human spirit/soul, the breath of life, as the spirit of god, communication, creating balance and unity, and the movement of life in general. 

Overall size 12" round, 4" depth. Weighs 2lb 9 oz. Variation of colors in black, bronze to copper, and with silver highlights, all blended together to enhance the textures of the artwork. Designed to simply use a small nail for hanging, though other creative ways can be used to display in your home or office.

Shipping included in price via USPS in the lower 48 States, Alaska, and Hawaii in the USA with insurance and tracking number.

The essence of Nature and Legends with carefully selected minerals, hand-crafted, unique, and and skillfully created 3D Tree sculptures are joined to create meaningful art pieces. It is most certainly created to bring some joy and comfort into life’s journey, whether it is for yourself or a gift to those special people in your life. A gift that can be enjoyed at home or at the office. All Tree sculptures are made of hand twisted copper wire then sculptured with other metals, can be a variety of colors and are coated to preserve them. Roots molded/engraved into the mineral, no adhesives used. A signed tag or letter comes with each piece.

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